phase 3

Prostate Cancer Clinical Trial

Participants Needed for Trial Success
Estimated trial completion date
November 1, 2023


This trial is evaluating a new treatment approach combining radiation therapy and irreversible electroporation (IRE). With the use of scans such as MRI and PSMA PET, doctors can now locate the most aggressive and less aggressive parts of the prostate cancer. The study aims to determine whether adding lower dose radiation therapy to the entire prostate after IRE, known as RTIRE, increases the chance of prostate cancer never returning and preserves quality of life, while avoiding the side effects that may happen with surgery or high dose radiation therapy.

Patients can participate if they are/have:

  1. Men aged ≥ 18
  2. ECOG 0 - 1
  3. Histologically confirmed intermediate risk prostate cancer per NCCN guidelines.
  4. Focal grade group 2 or 3 (GS 3+4 or GS 4 + 3) cancer in MRI target
  5. Gland size < 80 cc
  6. Ability to undergo IRE
  7. Ability to receive MRI-guided radiotherapy.
  8. Ability to complete the HRQOL assessment surveys
  9. Willingness to undergo 12 month follow up biopsy

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