Engaged patients. Happier Doctors.

Now you can save time and more efficiently educate your patients about common procedures and treatments in your own words.

PRIMR is a web application that will store and securely distribute healthcare provider recorded explanations directly to patients. 

Patients receive link to content they can view on mobile device and watch or share with family.

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Store and distribute your digital explanations.

With PRIMR, physicians take specific knowledge accumulated in their careers and convert it into a digital content asset library that is theirs alone. Content is stored in a web-based platform and can be securely distributed to patients through a one-way portal for scaled consumption on demand.

Doctors are creators

● pen on paper drawings
● digital sketches
● diagrams and flowcharts
● clinical trial summaries
● educational videos
● media appearances
● narrative essays

Scale and leverage your content to earn time.

● more efficient clinic workflow
● pre-load education
● patient access anywhere, anytime
● easily shareable
● enhances telemedicine
● enhanced engagement with geographically distant relatives

"The care and information provided leading up to and during the treatment kept me engaged and made me feel like I was part of the team in fighting the cancer."
Cancer patient
"Your videos were very didactic and the instructional goal was clearly reflected in the simplicity of the language and supported by the sketches. This has helped me have a better understanding of my own cancer diagnosis."
Cancer patient

A pricing plan for everyone

Per month, billed annually
1 Mastercard
$2000 / Month
Download 4 expense reports a year
Plan automated payments
24/7 support
Per month, billed annually
3 Mastercards
$5000 / Month
Download 4 expense reports a year
Plan automated payments
24/7 support
Per month, billed annually
5 Mastercards
$10.000 / Month
Download 12 expense reports a year
Plan automated payments
24/7 support