Add automations to your
patient explanations.

Instant. Secure. Professional.

PRIMR is a web app that will store and securely distribute healthcare provider recorded explanations directly to patients via one-way email link they can view on demand and share with family.

Now you can boost clinic efficiency with your leveraged digital content hosted on a secure, private AWS platform, without the liability and trolls of social media.

How it works

Record and upload
explanation to PRIMR
Send secure link to patient
Perform another task while patient watches content asynchronously


What is patient education?

Patient education is health care communication about conditions, treatments and how to navigate the healthcare system and can include verbal communication, physical visual aides, and digital content.

Why is patient education important?

Good health care communication has been shown to improve a number of health related outcomes including blood pressure control, hemoglobin A1C, medication compliance and patient satisfaction.

Is there a benefit to using educational digital content to support and enhance standard in-person care?

Yes. A number of studies have shown digital education content is associated with several benefits including improved patient satisfaction, patient-reported knowledge, and reduced emotional distress, regardless of education level.

Why is it important for doctors to create their own content?

Medical information is abundant on the internet. Many patients struggle however to consume content that is both credible and applicable to their condition. When a trusted doctor creates and curates content for patients, they solve both these problems.

How does PRIMR secure content?

PRIMR is built on Amazon Web Services cloud computing platform.  You can read more about how AWS handles HIPAA compliance here.  Patient email is Protected Health Information and is handled in accordance with HIPAA compliance standards with encryption in transit and at rest in Mongo DB. Read more about how Mongo DB. You can read more about security on Mongo DB here.

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