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"The care and information provided leading up to and during the treatment kept me engaged and made me feel like I was part of the team in fighting the cancer."
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"I like your videos. Clear, informative, to the point and should go a long way to relieve the worry, tension and anxiety for other patients."
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"Your videos were very didactic and the instructional goal was clearly reflected in the simplicity of the language and sketches. This has helped me have a better understanding of my own cancer diagnosis."
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Is PRIMR trying to replace the doctor patient relationship with a video?

No. PRIMR supplements the in person encounter with an additional layer of digital patient education that can be consumed asynchronously offline, on demand and shared with friends and family at scale. PRIMR does not replace the work of doctor patient knowledge transfer, it enhances it. Early adopters of PRIMR report improved patient experience. When patients have on demand access to information about treatment details, risks and side effects, there is less burden on them to memorize or transcribe information during the live encounter. PRIMR creates space for patients to be fully present for the precious time they have face to face with their doctors.

What if I need content on a subject that is not yet in the PRIMR library?

At this stage we are handling specific content requests case by case. We usually can accommodate general oncology-related content requests within 2 weeks. Content requests for for a specific drug, device or institution may be fulfilled for a fee.

How do I integrate PRIMR into my practice?

Teams across the US are incorporating PRIMR in different ways. Some preload patient education by leveraging PRIMR videos sent by email or text to patients prior to either office or telemedicine visit. Others send content with PRIMR once patient has arrived in clinic and patient consumes content on their own smartphone device while they wait for the care team to arrive. Finally, some send videos by PRIMR after meeting with the patient, which has the advantage of adding links to key supportive family and friends. Some doctors use PRIMR, others have delegated the task of distributing PRIMR content to nurse navigators, MAs or mid-levels. Some oncology residents use PRIMR content to enhance  consultations with patients. Academic centers are designing clinical trials leveraging PRIMR as a tool to distribute trial information and address health literacy disparities. A number of studies have shown digital education content is associated with several benefits including improved patient satisfaction, patient-reported knowledge, and reduced emotional distress, regardless of education level.

Why is doctor created content a new standard?

Medical information is abundant on the internet. Many patients struggle however to consume content that is both credible and applicable to their condition. When a trusted doctor creates or curates content for patients, they solve both these problems. Industry-produced content often misses the mark - either too general to be helpful, or overly specific, endorsing a certain drug, device or technique. Doctors have a breadth of experience speaking with real patients about their actual concerns. This allows doctors to make content that anticipates common questions and concerns.

How does PRIMR secure content?

PRIMR is built on Amazon Web Services cloud computing platform.  You can read more about how AWS handles HIPAA compliance here.  PRIMR has a Business Associates Agreement (BAA) with AWS. Patient email is Protected Health Information (PHI) and is handled in accordance with HIPAA compliance standards with encryption in transit and at rest in Mongo DB.  You can read more about security on Mongo DB here. PRIMR has a BAA with Mongo DB.

Is PRIMR available for enterprises?

Yes. PRIMR can be implemented at the enterprise level. Pricing and details are custom, up to and including co-branded PRIMR content with access to the PRIMR asset library to use on health system-native websites, social posts and marketing materials. We also offer enterprise licensing for access to PRIMR simply for HIPAA secure point of care distribution of home grown digital patient education content.

Can I load my own videos and use PRIMR to distribute them to patients?

Yes. Some physicians create their own content and use PRIMR as a HIPAA secure distribution tool at the point of care. PRIMR-hosted content is delivered directly to patients' mobile device - a more engaging process than passively referring patients to static websites.

How will I know if my patient engaged content I sent with PRIMR?

PRIMR tracks if and when patients open links sent by their provider in real time. You can easily see whether your patient opened your content. Our early analytics show patients watch PRIMR videos 1.9 times on average, suggesting very high level of engagement.

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