Below is a collection of media appearances and blog posts featuring PRIMR and its founder, Dr David Grew.
Passionate Pioneers Podcast
October 18, 2021
PRIMR Founder David Grew discusses the conception and future vision of the PRIMR platform with health tech industry expert Mike Bisselli.
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Joseph Wells Podcast
July 9, 2021
PRIMR founder Dr David Grew discusses mentorship, the unexpected benefits of creating digital content for patients and how he came up with the idea for PRIMR.
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Bart Gonczarek Podcast
June 11, 2021
Digital Tools for Human Connection: How can technology be used to help us connect better on complex, sensitive topics?
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Penguin Latte Podcast
March 29, 2021
Fighting Cancer with Creativity and Building Assets that Heal: A conversation with Paul LeCrone
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Visualize Value Blog Post
October 20, 2020
Essay describing the inspiration for PRIMR
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