Gynecologic Cancer - Important Organs

This video is an overview of the key gynecological organs involved in reproductive health and how they can be affected by various cancer treatments.

Read the full video transcript below:

It's a lot easier to understand gynecologic cancer treatments if you first have a quick overview of gynecologic anatomy. 

Right here in the middle is the uterus, or the womb, where babies grow. 

Just below the uterus is the cervix, which has a small opening called the os that goes down into the vagina. 

On each side above are the fallopian tubes and ovaries. On the outside of the vagina is the vulva, including the labia and the clitoris.

On this side view, you can see the tailbone, or the sacrum, in the back. 

The uterus, cervix, and vagina are located in the middle. 

Behind the uterus is the rectum, where bowel movements come out, and in the front is the bladder, where urine drains and eventually comes out through the urethra.

All these organs can be affected by gynecologic cancer treatment, whether it's with surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. 

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