PRIMR and ClinOne Join Forces to Enhance Clinical Trial Engagement

By: David Grew MD MPH

The combined offering aims to bridge the gap between trial information and its target audience by presenting it in an accessible, easily digestible format.

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We are thrilled to announce a partnership between PRIMR, a steadily expanding oncology clinical trial patient education company, and ClinOne, an established platform with comprehensive solutions for site empowerment, clinical trial awareness, consent management and patient/caregiver engagement. This collaboration has emerged from a shared vision of leveraging engaging content to promote trial awareness and enhance patient recruitment and retention in the world of clinical trials.

PRIMR has gained recognition for its expertise in creating captivating and expertly crafted video content to explain complex trials to eligible participants and healthcare providers. PRIMR’s commitment to simplifying trial information and empowering patients with knowledge has made them a trusted name in the industry. ClinOne has built a strong reputation for supporting sites, patients, and caregivers in clinical research through their all-in-one platform, which facilitates HCP Trial Awareness, Consent Management, and Patient Engagement.

The partnership will see PRIMR's content featured on the ClinOne platform, effectively boosting engagement for both healthcare providers and potential trial participants. This integration of PRIMR's engaging video content with ClinOne's powerful engagement platform will provide sites, sponsors, and CROs with a more comprehensive solution for patient recruitment in leading clinical trials.

The combined offering aims to bridge the gap between trial information and its target audience by presenting it in an accessible, easily digestible format. With PRIMR's videos seamlessly integrated into the ClinOne platform, healthcare providers will have access to informative resources that can be shared with their patients, fostering a deeper understanding of the trial process. Moreover, patients themselves will benefit from the engaging content, gaining a clearer picture of the trials and making informed decisions about their participation.

Through this partnership, PRIMR and ClinOne are empowering healthcare providers, patients, and caregivers to navigate the complexities of clinical research with confidence. By simplifying trial information and promoting trial awareness, they are creating a stronger foundation for successful patient recruitment and retention.

We are truly excited about the potential of this partnership and the positive impact it will have on the clinical trial landscape. PRIMR and ClinOne are committed to pushing the boundaries of patient and HCP engagement, and this collaboration marks an important step towards achieving that goal. 

To learn more about this partnership and the combined offering from PRIMR and ClinOne, visit their respective websites or reach out to their dedicated teams. The future of clinical trial engagement has just become brighter, simpler, and more engaging with this game-changing collaboration. Stay tuned for the transformative impact it will have on the world of clinical research.