Decipher Prostate Genomic Test - Patient Video

This video is made in partnership with Veracyte.

The Decipher Prostate test is a groundbreaking tool for guiding treatment decisions in prostate cancer. Unlike traditional methods, which rely on factors like the amount of disease and PSA levels, Decipher analyzes the tumor's biology to predict its behavior. This means more personalized treatment plans, reducing the risk of over or undertreatment. The test provides a simple score, helping doctors determine whether more aggressive treatment is necessary or if monitoring is sufficient. With Decipher, patients can have greater confidence in their treatment journey, knowing that decisions are based on their unique tumor biology rather than general risk factors.

Read the full video transcript below:

This video is an overview of Decipher Prostate - a test for people with prostate cancer that can help personalize treatment. 


At the time of a new prostate cancer diagnosis, most cancers are contained - with no spread beyond the prostate.   


However, some men may have an increased risk of the disease progressing and spreading outside the prostate. 


Currently, doctors estimate a patient’s risk of prostate cancer spreading by factors that include: the amount of disease in the prostate, how aggressive the cancer appears to be (known as the Gleason score), and the results of a simple blood test called PSA. 


Patients are assigned to a risk group mostly based on these 3 factors. 


Key questions such as who to treat, when to treat, and how aggressively to treat are not always clear from individual to individual. 


This means some people may be either over or under treated.


Now doctors can tailor treatment decisions with results from a genomic test called Decipher Prostate, which looks at a cancer’s individual genes to determine its behavior.  


The test looks beyond standard risk defined by Gleason score and PSA to help doctors and patients make personalized treatment decisions based on a cancer behaving more or less aggressively. 


The test is performed on a specimen collected from the prostate biopsy or from surgery to remove the prostate. No additional samples or procedures are required for testing. 


The test results provide a score from 0 to 1, where a lower score represents less aggressive cancer and a higher score represents more aggressive cancer. 


Depending on the results of the Decipher score, your doctor may modify your treatment recommendations.  Sometimes patients may need earlier or intensified treatment, while others may be good candidates for monitoring or less overall treatment. 


Based on your clinical risk factors, your Decipher score, and your treatment goals, you and your doctor will find a  personalized treatment for your prostate cancer. 


This is not medical advice. If you have additional questions, please contact your doctor.