Decipher Prostate Genomic Test - Provider Video

This video was produced in partnership with Veracyte.

Decipher Prostate represents a paradigm shift in prostate cancer management, offering physicians a sophisticated tool to inform treatment decisions. By delving deep into the tumor's biology, this test provides invaluable insights beyond traditional risk factors like disease extent and PSA levels. Physicians can now leverage the Decipher score to fine-tune treatment strategies, determining optimal interventions for their patients. With its ability to guide personalized care, Decipher empowers physicians to navigate prostate cancer treatment with precision, enhancing patient outcomes and optimizing clinical practice.


How does Decipher Prostate complement existing diagnostic tools and guidelines in prostate cancer management?

Decipher Prostate complements existing diagnostic tools and guidelines by providing additional insights into the biological behavior of prostate cancer tumors. While traditional methods rely on factors like disease extent and PSA levels, Decipher analyzes the tumor's gene expression to predict its aggressiveness, aiding in more personalized treatment planning.

Can Decipher Prostate results influence treatment decisions across various risk categories of prostate cancer, including low, intermediate, and high-risk groups?

Yes, Decipher Prostate results can influence treatment decisions across various risk categories of prostate cancer. The test provides a score that helps physicians determine the aggressiveness of the cancer, allowing for tailored treatment strategies. Whether a patient falls into the low, intermediate, or high-risk group, Decipher can provide valuable information to guide clinical decisions.

What evidence supports the clinical utility and validity of Decipher Prostate in guiding treatment decisions, and how does it compare to other genomic tests available for prostate cancer?

Decipher Prostate is the most validated and utilized tissue-based genomic test available for prostate cancer patients. Based on the quantity and quality of evidence, it has earned recognition by numerous national prostate cancer guidelines and the highest level of validation, making Decipher Prostate both a trusted choice for patients and a reliable tool for physicians.